Air Transportation

Air Transportation

Air transport is a flight companion service that transports your pet from airport to airport. This service is available for pets under 20 pounds. Your pet will NEVER ride in the cargo hold of the airplane and will always ride in the cabin with one of our experienced companions, your pet will be placed in a soft sided carrier that we will provide or if you like you can provide your own. If you are shipping more than one furry family member at a time via air transportation additional seating will be needed to accommodate additional pets. Tracking will be provided during the transport, we will provide a pick up and drop off confirmation photo that can be emailed or sent directly to your phone via text.

The shipper will be responsible for meeting our flight companion at the airport for the pick-up of the pet and the new pet owner would be responsible for meeting with our flight companion at the airport for the delivery of their pet.

Why Choose Fur Cargo Air Transportation?

Our air transport service is a great same day delivery option for pets that are 20 pounds And under. Your pet will be accompanied by one of our highly trained flight companions To assure that your pet is comfortable while enjoying a first class flight experience.


Our mission is to provide a first class transporting experience for each pet in our care. Along, with providing a high level of security and confidence for all pet owners entrusting our team with the relocation of their fur family members.


Is to become a leader and household name in the pet relocation industry, by leading with integrity, safety and our love for pets.


Our values are embedded in our integrity and our ability to be transparent in our process.

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